Two-Way Radio Specials

Featured Products

Motorola DTR600
  • 30 Channels
  • Up to 200 Contacts
  • 1 Watt
Motorola RDU4100
  • 4 Watt 10 Channels
  • 350,000 Sq. Ft. / 30 Floors
Motorola RDV5100
Hot Deal
  • 10 Channels 5 Watts
  • 300,000 Sq. Ft. / 18 Floors
Motorola RMU2080D
  • 8 Channels 2 Watts
  • 250,000 Sq. Ft. / 20 Floors
Motorola RLN6307A

Motorola Two Way Radios For Sporting Events

Anyone who has ever managed a sporting event understands how complex things can become without constant communication with the rest of the team. Regardless of the level--high school, collegiate or professional--if you are in charge of a major sporting event, you need to coordinate with too many team members to leave anything to chance. Considering all the parties with whom you need to stay in contact, such as your vendors, event security personnel, concessions managers, stadium administrators and transportation specialists, you need to find the best solution that allows you to reach each party individually as well as having the ability to reach several members of your team at once.

Save time and energy disseminating the same information. Two way radios give you those criteria and much more, leaving a constant line open between you and your team so you can make sure the event goes off without a hitch. One two-way radio that features the specifications you need for your sporting event is the Motorola DTR550 Digital, which allows for one-to-one calling and one-to-many calling to get your message out as confidentially and efficiently as is necessary. With an enhanced range of 350,000 square feet and 30 floors, as well as the optional use of the antenna for extended range, you can stay in contact with your team.

Make sure everyone's needs are taken care of, from the players to the patrons and everyone in between. Define your communications for up to 25 groups, creating a contact list, and you are ready to connect with everyone on your team to make sure the event runs smoothly. For moments when you need silence, go ahead and send SMS text messages to one or more parties. You can use this versatile two way radio to create a calm atmosphere in what might otherwise turn to chaos without the right communications tools. Call 855-489-6929 for professional solutions to your communication needs.