Two-Way Radio Specials

RM Series
Motorola 53940
Motorola 53940
Motorola 56517
Motorola 56518
Motorola ET-ULTR-DBL
Motorola ET-XTRM-HD
Motorola HKKN4027A
Motorola HKKN4028A
Motorola HKLN4477A
Motorola HKLN4478A
Motorola HKLN4510A
Motorola HLN9985B
Motorola PMLN6384A
Motorola PMLN6394A
Motorola PMNN4434AR
Motorola RLN6351B
Motorola RLN6423A
Motorola RMN5114A
The RM series of two way radios from Motorola give users four choices in affordable and reliable communication. All RM series radios include voice prompts for programming without display, swivel belt clip and antimicrobial coating to prevent germs and mold growth. Eliminate communication breakdowns with any of the RM models. Motorola RMU2040 provides 4 channels operating on 89 UHF business frequencies, 450 to 470 MHZ. This 2-watt, two way radio covers up to 250,000 square feet and includes a hands-fee VOX mode for extra convenience. With 8 channels, the 2-watt RMU2080 also covers 250,000 square feet and operates on 89 UHF frequencies. Audio distortion for reception is less than 5 percent with all RM series radios. Transmission distortion is less than 2 percent. The RMU2080 also includes NOAA Weather Alerts for quick safety warnings. The Motorola RMU2080D model adds a tri color LED display and front panel buttons. Users also receive NOAA alerts and have hands-free use with voice prompts. RMV2080 two way radios provide 8 channels and operates on VHF, 150.8 to 160. The bandwidth is 12.5 KHz. All Motorola RM series two way radios include a one-year warranty and provide clear, crisp audio to make communicating effortless. Don't leave someone desperately needing to communicate. In addition to the radio choices, the Motorola RM model series has a full selection of accessories. A 6-unit charging and cloning station allows for charging six batteries or radios at one time. Cloning and programming cables are also available.