Two-Way Radio Specials

RDX Series
Motorola ET-ULTR-DBL
Motorola ET-XTRM-HD
Motorola HKLN4477A
Motorola HKLN4478A
Motorola HLN9985B
Motorola HNN9049A
Motorola RAN4031A
Motorola RAN4033A
Motorola RAN4041A
Motorola RKN4155A
Motorola RLN6175A
Motorola RLN6302A
Motorola RLN6303A
Motorola RLN6308 B
Motorola RLN6309A
Motorola RLN6423A
Motorola RMN5114A
Motorola RPN4054A
The Motorola RDX series of two way radios provide superior durability for rugged use with an extended signal range. All Motorola radios in the RDX series meet military specifications for shock, moisture and temperature variations as well as offer excellent audio quality. Programming software allows for managing cloning and radio profiles. Excellent choices in this series include the RDU4100 with a 4-watt radio, 10 channels and 89 UHF frequencies. This two way radio can cover 350,000 square feet or 30 floors. Security features include voice scrambling and 122 interference eliminator codes. Plus, it can be used as a hands-free radio with optional accessories. The RDU4100 comes with a long-life battery, drop-in charger for easy recharging and belt clip. Motorola Model RDU4160D offers 16 channels with the same coverage and UHF frequency availability as the RDU4100 version. This model features a signal strength display, front panel buttons, battery gauge and a keypad lock. Three voice scramble codes give users privacy in communications. This model is also capable of hands-free use and is PC configurable with accessories. The 5-watt Model RDV5100 gives users 10 channels and 27 VHF business frequencies. Coverage extends to 350,000 square feet or 18 floors. General features include scan, scan list, and high-low RF output choices. Hands-free convenience is available with accessories. Motorola RDX series of two-way radios use a Li-Ion battery pack with an average life of 18.5 hours between charges. An alkaline battery kit option, with an average life of 26 hours, can be purchased separately. This line of Motorola radios stand up to harsh work environments while providing wind and noise reduction so that teams can communicate successfully. Choose the Motorola RDX line for the effortless, durable communication system you can count on.