Two-Way Radio Specials

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Motorola DLR1020
Hot Deal
  • 2 Digital Channels (Subset of 50 frequencies)
Motorola DLR1060
Hot Deal
  • 6 Digital Channels (Subset of 50 frequencies)
Motorola DTR600
  • 30 Channels
  • Up to 200 Contacts
  • 1 Watt
Motorola CLP1040
  • 1 Watt 4 Channels
  • Up to 100,000 Sq. Ft. / 10 Floors
Motorola RMU2040
Hot Deal
  • 4 Channels 2 Watt
  • 250,000 Sq. Ft. / 20 Floors

Motorola Two Way Radios For Healthcare

Healthcare facilities are insanely busy and two-way radios are a major solution to getting information to and from your patients and your staff in a timely manner. Studies have shown patients are sensitive to noise levels in hospitals and care facilities. Ringing phones are both disturbing and can hinder recovery. Motorola two-way radios help eliminate the noise and allow patients to rest comfortably while others stay in touch. The benefits to your staff are equally important. If food service missed a patient at dinner, a member of your staff no longer has to go from the patient's room to the nursing station to expedite a meal. With two-way radios, that same staff member can push to talk and is instantly connected to any department. That way the patient's needs are attended to promptly and quietly.

Hospital security is also an important job as it is the hospital's responsibility to keep patients, staff members and visitors safe. As security guards round, they are not always near telephones and many radios lack important features for seamless communication. If an emergency occurs, a two-way Motorola radio is the most reliable way to get help for a security breach or missing person. Push to talk technology is available on many Motorola radios including the RDU4100. Due to its enhanced audio quality, this model is often a favorite of hospital staff members. Its durable design stands up to long hours of use, and it has flexible customer programming software and cloning ability.

In addition to being a leading Motorola vendor, our staff serve as your company's advisors. With our experience and exceptional knowledge of two-way communications, we offer seamless integration of two-way communications into the hospital and healthcare environment. Effortless personnel always understand your application and are amicable, honest, and professional when providing customers with the highest quality service. Find out for yourself and let us provide you with an exceptional customer-satisfaction experience. Contact us today at 855-489-6929.