Two-Way Radio Specials

DTR Series
Motorola DTR410
Product ID : dtr410
Motorola DTR410 4 Pack
Product ID : dtr410-4pack
Motorola DTR410 6 Pack
Product ID : dtr410-6pack
Motorola DTR410 8 Pack
Product ID : dtr410-8pack
Motorola DTR550
Product ID : dtr550
Motorola DTR550 4 Pack
Product ID : dtr550-4pack
Motorola DTR550 6 Pack
Product ID : dtr550-6pack
Motorola DTR550 8 Pack
Product ID : dtr550-8pack
Motorola 0105950U15
Product ID : 0105950U15
Motorola 53863
Product ID : 53863
Motorola 53866
Product ID : 53866
Motorola 53961
Product ID : 53961
Motorola 53962
Product ID : 53962
Motorola 53963
Product ID : 53963
Motorola 53969
Product ID : 53969
Motorola 56517
Product ID : 56517
Motorola 56531
Product ID : 56531
Motorola 8505241U04
Product ID : 8505241U04
Motorola 8505241U06
Product ID : 8505241U06
Motorola’s Digital DTR two-way radios are perfect for small businesses and anyone who needs instant communication. Keep employees, students and the public safe with reliable and secure communication. Broadcast emergency messages to your entire staff in seconds. Digital radios are perfect for schools, hospitals, event management, emergency services, construction, manufacturing, camps and retailers. Stay in touch with clean, clear communication. Avoid communication breakdowns and time wasted trying to reach the people you need in times of crisis and during normal day-to-day activities. Whether you need instant access to key personnel or a full group, the DTR series is the answer. Build contact lists for easy connection to specific groups or for broadcasting to your entire staff simultaneously. The DTR Series of two-way radios offers one-to-one and one-to-many calling with wide coverage, longer battery life and crisp clear audio. Coverage areas up to 350,000 square feet and 30 floors with 900 Mhz frequency hopping technology. These radios are programmable with all the unique features you need: DTR410 has a range of 300,000 square feet and 25 floors and DTR550 with Vibracall has a range of 350,000 square feet and 30 floors. Both units include audio accessory jacks, caller ID, call forwarding, up to 150 unit contact list, unit-to-unit cloning, and the ability to remotely disable the device. The DTR units meet military 810 C,D,E and F specifications. Two way radios in this series are programmable from any PC or laptop computer. They offer enhanced performance with wide coverage, longer battery life and clear, crisp audio. Digital supports one-to-many calling networks with other DTR radios on the same group ID and channel, for enhanced compatibility. Contact us when you need clear, clean, secure communication for one-to-one or one-to-many. We'll help you determine the Digital DTR two-way radios that meet your every need.