Two-Way Radio Specials

CLS Series
Motorola ET-ULTR-DBL
Motorola ET-XTRM-HD
Motorola HCNN4006 (56557)
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Motorola HKLN4477A
Motorola HKLN4478A
Motorola HLN9985B
Motorola RLN6423A
Motorola RMN5114A
Motorola V1-10179
Motorola V1-10180
Motorola’s CLS technology offers affordable excellence that is perfect for organizations on a budget. They are the most affordable yet rugged and reliable two-way radios on the market. Perfect for restaurants, events, non-profits, farms, grocery stores and small businesses. CLS radios are business communication made simple. Keep your staff and the public safe with reliable and secure communication. There are no monthly connection fees or service contracts required. Reach the people you need anywhere within 200,000 square feet or 15 floors. The CLS series radios are lightweight and reliable. Increasing your staff's productivity and improving your customer service are all in a day’s work for these rugged units. All units include a full one year warranty with a belt clip and drop-in charger. Motorola CLS series business radios are built for business. Rugged and reliable, CLS units communicate on special frequencies reserved for business communication. Available accessories include single and multi-unit drop in chargers, and a AAA battery tray for alkaline battery use. Every time an employee has to walk to find a supervisor or walk from the back of the store to the register for a price check, it is time wasted. These simple tasks take seconds with a CLS radio. If there is a sudden rush, all employees are quickly notified to cover registers. When you need to save time and improve productivity, the CLS series of two way radios from Motorola are the answer.