Two-Way Radio Specials

CLP Series
Motorola CLP1010
Product ID : motorola-clp1010
Motorola CLP1010 4 Pack
Product ID : clp1010-4pack
Motorola CLP1010 6 Pack
Product ID : clp1010-6pack
Motorola CLP1010 8 Pack
Product ID : clp1010-8pack
Motorola CLP1040
Product ID : clp1040
Motorola CLP1040 4 Pack
Product ID : clp1040-4pack
Motorola CLP1040 6 Pack
Product ID : clp1040-6pack
Motorola CLP1040 8 Pack
Product ID : clp1040-8pack
Motorola CLP1060
Product ID : clp1060
Motorola CLP1060 4 Pack
Product ID : clp1060-4pack
Motorola CLP1060 6 Pack
Product ID : clp1060-6pack
Motorola CLP1060 8 Pack
Product ID : clp1060-8pack
Motorola HKKN4025A
Product ID : hkkn4025a
Motorola HKKN4026A
Product ID : hkkn4026a
Motorola HKLN4433A
Product ID : hkln4433a
Motorola HKLN4437A
Product ID : hkln4437a
Motorola HKLN4438A
Product ID : hkln4438a
Motorola HKLN4455A
Product ID : hkln4455a
Motorola HKLN4487A
Product ID : hkln4487a
Motorola HKLN4509A
Product ID : hkln4509a
In fast-paced business environments like restaurants, retail outlets and customer service centers, quick communication is essential to accurate and speedy service. Time spent seeking out coworkers to talk in person is time not spent attending to your customers' needs. Equip your employees to communicate quickly and easily with the simple functionality and sleek, modern design with Motorola CLP two way radios. This series of radios are 40% smaller than comparable two way radios and weigh half as much. Their simple push-to-talk operation means that any employee can use them with no additional training or time taken with complicated features that you don't need. Discreet earpieces and the unobtrusive embedded antenna allow these two way radios to blend in to any uniform or wardrobe without detracting from employees' appearance or getting in their way while they work. The CLP series radios offer 1-watt technology to provide twice the power of consumer radios. Multiple channels reduces the risk of interference. The strong signal can travel over 100,000 square feet. This is far enough to ensure that employees at the farthest edge of your parking lot can talk to those at the front door of your business and workers in the kitchen can get word to ones at the loading bay. These radios offer excellent performance even during heavy use. The audio is strong and clear, making communication easy even in noisy environments and outdoor venues. The radio's long battery life means that it can be on duty and dependable through shift after shift.