Two-Way Radio Specials

Featured Products

Motorola DTR600
  • 30 Channels
  • Up to 200 Contacts
  • 1 Watt
Motorola RDU4100
  • 4 Watt 10 Channels
  • 350,000 Sq. Ft. / 30 Floors
Motorola RDV5100
Hot Deal
  • 10 Channels 5 Watts
  • 300,000 Sq. Ft. / 18 Floors
Motorola RMU2080
  • 8 Channels 2 Watts
  • 250,000 Sq. Ft. / 20 Floors
Motorola RLN6307A

Motorola Two Way Radios For Camps

No matter what kind of camp you operate, Motorola two-way radios are the best selection for your management team. The communication products we have to offer include a wide range of Motorola devices that provide clear audio, rugged durability, sleek designs, and the comfort of knowing your staff members can operate them with little effort. Effortless Communications is a trusted name when it comes to providing products for Boy Scout camps, summer camps, band camps, Christian camps and more. Our goal is to connect all of your staff members to each other via easy-to-use Motorola hand-held radios.

The RDV5100 model two-way radio is the most suitable option for orderly operation of your campgrounds. The RDV5100 produces 27 VHF business frequencies, 10 channels and 5 Watts. The RDV5100 unit also offers an extended range of 350,000 square feet, which is the equivalent of 18 floors. Therefore, your camp security, transportation personnel, emergency response team, and other staff members will have clear communication with each other from an extended distance. The RDX series can also offer you extended battery life. Users can receive as many as 18.5 hours on the batteries. Furthermore, the durability of the RDX series allows your staff members to carry the units with them to remote locations.

Effortless Communications believes that the Motorola class of two-way radios is your best solution for accurate, quick and precise communication between staff at every level. High-quality radios increase job efficiency for every team member. These radios also reduce the amount of time that workers have to spend waiting on telephones to connect. The two-way radios fit perfectly on a belt clip, and they are lightweight for easy transport. We are dedicated to providing you with top-notch products and giving you five-star customer service every step of the way. Call 855-489-6929 for professional assistance.