About Us

Located in the beautiful Pocono Mountains of Pennsylvania, Effortless Communications is ready to meet your Motorola Business Two Way Radio needs.

Founder Kurt K. Barnes and his staff are dedicated to serving you, our valued customer, with integrity and top-notch service.

Because we are solely an Authorized Motorola Business Two Way Radio reseller, you can expect only the best products because we only sell the best products. Motorola Business Two Way Radios are superior to all other brands and models. This fact is what makes our business trustworthy and secure.

We at Effortless Communications are pleased to serve a variety of customers including those representing schools, hotels, restaurants, camps and churches. Motorola Business Two Way Radios are extremely helpful and valuable to so many!

Feel free to visit us on Facebook or Twitter. We can always be reached by phone at 570-872-6679. We look forward to partnering with you to help solve your communication needs.

Our Mission Statement

The Mission of Effortless Communications is to provide solutions that increase the productivity and efficiency of all employees and staff. This is done through the use of two way radios by supplying clear, reliable and cost effective communication.

Statement From The President

I believe that the idea of using two way radios, specifically Motorola two way radios, is one of the best ways for management as well as all levels of staff and employees to have constant, clear communication with each other. In doing so, it allows everyone to perform their tasks, whatever that may be, more efficiently by eliminating wasted time trying to make contact with a fellow worker. Along with that, the ability to enhance safety and security at the same time is without doubt one of the most important benefits of using the two way radios.

At Effortless Communications, we understand the pain and frustration someone feels when they experience a breakdown in communication with someone they desperately need to talk with. Whatever negative experiences a person may have had, whether it was due to poor equipment, hearing other conversation or just cheap radios, Effortless Communications provides the means to change the dreadful feeling of being isolated and alone. We are here to help bridge the gap between confusion, uncertainty and frustration to efficient operation of all employees, enabling control of a situation through clear, continual communication.

More important than the unmistakable benefits of the two way radios themselves, I want to stress that working with and using the service of Effortless Communications will allow your entire process to be seamless. From the point of the decision of needing two way radios, to actually realizing and experiencing the outcome of those benefits, that is the true value we provide.

"We put in the effort so that your communication is effortless."

This is accomplished every day through our friendly, honest and professional work ethic which is the basis for our unique approach to total customer satisfaction. At Effortless Communications, one of our goals is to establish long lasting working relationships with all of our customers and our goal for you is in our name.

Kurt K. Barnes

CEO & President
Effortless Communications LLC